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Play the Man

Lovers and teammates skate toward the ultimate face-off.

Jenna couldn't be more thrilled; after eight years of dating, she finally gets to marry her college sweetheart and dream man, Chicago Blackhawks Captain Ryan Linsenbigler. While Ryan loves his fiancée more than he can say, he's in no rush to get to the altar. As they struggle with their differing attitudes toward their upcoming wedding, Ryan's teammate Nick battles with his newfound, taboo feelings of infatuation for Jenna. Emotions run high, and soon Jenna, Ryan, and Nick each find themselves having to make very difficult decisions regarding what they want in love—and life—and what they're willing to do in order to get it.​

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What Readers Have Said:

Wow, Jaymee Jacobs has a real knack for creating hot leading men.
—Anna, Amazon reviewer

A great book.
—flreader, Amazon reviewer

Check this out if you like hockey and romance. You can't go wrong.
—Sherry, Goodreads reviewer


I liked how the story turns, with moments of sadness, humor, and love.
—Barnes & Noble reviewer

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