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Home Ice Advantage

Iris may have home ice advantage, but Mark is the hometown hockey hero.

Mark Klingensmith just played the worst season of his career. He’s got one season left on his contract with the Dallas Comets, and he’s worried that the team won’t re-sign him. Mark doesn’t have time to think about his future, though, because he gets the bad news that his mother is still sick with cancer and is undergoing a second round of chemotherapy.

Iris Olson has been taking care of Mark’s mother, Sandra, while Mark was off playing pro hockey. Sandra had always been like a mother to Iris, and Iris gladly takes on the duty of helping Sandra after her diagnosis.

When Mark returns to Grand Rapids, Minnesota, for the summer to help with his mother, Iris’s life gets much more complicated. They have a history: she and Mark were once engaged. The two former flames team up to help Sandra through her treatment, and working together so closely reminds them of why they were so in love—but they are also reminded of why they couldn’t make it work.

Can they reconcile their love for each other while pursuing their dream careers? Will they try to give their relationship a second chance? And will Sandra beat her cancer?

(Previously released in the Seduced by the Game anthology, published October 28, 2015.)

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What Readers Have Said:

If you've never picked up a Jaymee Jacobs book you're missing out. This was no exception! Her use of the characters and the building of their emotions just draw you in so tightly it's like losing a friend on the last page. Simply amazing.
—Heather, Kobo reviewer

​Jaymee did another awesome job!!! This book is so great! I love the story and the characters in her story!!! This is the second in this series and I can't wait for the next one!!! 
—Jill, Amazon reviewer

True Love is never easy, but sometimes you can't hide from it. Jaymee Jacobs did a fabulous job of weaving a story of such a True Love. Her story had all the best in romance...Hometown Hero, Girl next door, Renewed Love, Family support...It has it all!
—Stephanie, Amazon reviewer

Ms. Jacobs has written a wonderful hockey romance! I found myself totally committed to the main couple. They worked on so many levels. You could feel the love they had for each other. The supporting characters were top-notch and realistic. The plot was tight, the dialog sharp, and the romance tender and sweet. This book is part of a cancer charity collection with all proceeds from Home Ice Advantage going to The Mario Lemieux Foundation. There is no down side to Home Ice Advantage at all. Pick up your copy today! You'll have a great romance to enjoy while you're helping in the battle against cancer.
—V.L. Locey, USA TODAY best-selling author

​Jaymee has done it again with another realistic love story that pulls at your heartstrings and feels so down to earth and three lead characters. Iris is such a strong female lead who's had a rough upbringing that has shaped her career choices and dedication to friends. Mark hasn't been able to get over his first love and hasn't been able to trust anyone with his heart. I loved this twist with the female breaking off the engagement and having to try and win back him back. Sandra, oh man I loved her character and completely understood her motivations. 5 Stars for Home Ice Advantage by Jaymee Jacobs.
​—Sweet & Spicy Reads Blog

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