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False Start


Most hockey players learn to play through the pain, but what about a broken heart?

Christopher Lacey is on top of the world: at only eighteen years old, he’s been drafted in the first round by the Dallas Comets, made it onto the roster during his first professional training camp, and has even been promoted to the team’s top line. But his world crashes down around him when his beloved long-time girlfriend unceremoniously breaks up with him in a text message.

Can she learn to deal with emotional insecurity after an injury has healed?

Helene Michaels’ world changed after a childhood mistake led to a severe burn that took years to heal and overcome. While she still has trouble looking at her scars in the mirror, she hasn’t let that stop her from pursuing her goal of becoming a physical therapist and helping others deal with their own injuries. Helene gets a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to shadow a working physical therapist to learn more about the field before returning to school to pursue her career choice.

Two hurt souls meet.

At the Comets’ annual Halloween party, Chris encounters a disguised Helene and feels his heart come alive for the first time since his breakup. Helene feels the attraction too, but she’s worried that Chris might not like what’s concealed behind her costume. Will she finally be brave enough to reveal what she’s been hiding for years? Will he open himself up again to find out the difference between infatuation and true love? Or will their relationship get off to a false start and end before it can begin?

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What Readers Have Said:

Jaymee did a great job of highlighting the experience of a young rookie who has been trained to live, breathe, eat, and think hockey everyday of his young life. Living with the veteran captain, Chris is learning how to navigate girls and relationships while trying to hold on to his spot in the NHL. Jaymee's novel was thoughtful and I felt that she brought a great, fresh perspective on the hotshot rookie character. False Start is a sweet love story and I highly recommend this book!
—Chelsy, Goodreads reviewer

As the next in the series, I enjoyed this story along with the others. Given that the main character is a young draft pick looking to make his way and stay with the team, there were some logistical things to consider for the story (too young to go clubbing, rooming with a veteran and the captain no less, etc.) that you normally find in most hockey themed books and she handled it all seamlessly. In all I'd say it was a sweet, tender story showing the growth of its two characters while blending the demanding life of a pro athlete with a significant other that has her own story to tell.
—Debbie, Goodreads reviewer

Cute young love Story!
—Jackie, Goodreads reviewer

Jaymee has created another amazing story with interesting realistic characters whom we fall for and hope for them to find their happily ever after right now because the situation feels real and could be true to life.... 5 Stars for False Start from Jaymee Jacobs
—Sweet & Spicy Reads Blog

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