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Dump and Chase


What happens when a popular dating blogger meets a famous dating dud?

Ben Holmes has never had much success with the ladies, but that’s okay with him. As a forward for the Dallas Comets hockey team, he has a great life—and an awesome bachelor pad and sweet ride. Finding a girlfriend isn’t high on Ben’s list of priorities until his meddling, match-making teammates finally persuade him into signing up for an online dating site.

Lennox Jones has everything she could possibly want—except a fulfilling, serious relationship. She is the queen of worst first dates and horrible hookups. Her horror stories have been making her friends laugh and cringe for years, and now she’s telling all as the anonymous author of Sweet, Sassy, and Single, a blog detailing all of her dating disasters and rocky relationships.

When Lennox gets an earnest message from a new match with no profile picture or description, she’s ready to swipe left. However, she takes pity on him when he admits his inexperience with online dating. Ben may be out of practice, but he’s everything Lennox has dreamed of. There’s attraction, chemistry, and potential between them, but each have been keeping a secret that might prevent a relationship from starting before it can begin.

Will Ben and Lennox confront the truth and work it out? If so, maybe he has taken her on her last first date!

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What Readers Have Said:

Jaymee Jacobs has a fresh, millennial voice that stands out from the crowd. This is one hockey romance you don't want to miss."

—Jennifer Lazaris, USA TODAY bestselling author

I adored Lennox in this story. She is the girl who just can't get it right when it comes to her love life. So many of us have been there, that it is 100% relatable. I also love, as a blogger, that she blogs! I thought the blog posts were HYSTERICAL! More than anything, I loved how real Lennox was. She was your normal, typical even, young adult female. She seemed to have the perfect amount of everything that someone like Ben needed. Then we have Ben, who is the complete opposite of what you might think of when thinking of a bachelor hockey star. It was SO refreshing! These two were both so perfect because they were so down to earth. I love how he was so oblivious to online dating and really just kind of stumbled his way to meeting Lennox. I loved Lennox and Ben together so much. I loved their banter, how they truly wanted to know each other, it was such a honest way to get to know someone. 
There were also some ups and downs with them, which was so great, because again, normal! I really loved seeing as much as we did about Ben's team. They were going through so many issues, so it was really neat to see the inner workings of a team. Especially a team that is going through trouble. You always wonder what's going on inside the heads of players and in the locker room when a team is in a rough patch. I love so much when the sport is a real part of the book, a big part of the book, and Jaymee did that so perfectly!

—AC Squared Book Blog

Reading Ben and Lennox's love story was incredibly heart-warming. Lennox's blog was hilarious and she is a very relatable heroine. Ben, cautious from women being only attracted to his fame and paycheck, was sweet and attentive - the rare 'needle' in the 'dating site haystack' when Lennox was about to give up on love. Jaymee's stories are always a fun read for an exciting romantic journey to happily ever after. With this being the fifth book in the series, the Dallas Comets couples are becoming like family to me and I can't wait for the next Comets book! I loved this book!

—Chelsy, Goodreads Reviewer

more than any I've read in awhile, this book seems up to date and on trend and I loved the way the story played out.... it didn't read like Jaymee was rushing the story but letting it unfold and happen which let the reader feel as if we were getting to know the characters along the way

—Debbie, Goodreads Reviewer

This book was incredible. From the moment I started reading this book I was put under a spell. I could not put it down. The story line and the characters just pulled me in.

—Sherri, Goodreads Reviewer

A wonderful hockey sweet contemporary romance.

—Isabella, Goodreads Reviewer

I have loved all the books in this series and this one didn't disappoint either. All about the trials of dating and what can happen when you are a professional athlete or a regular person, then add in online dating and hockey action and more fun begins. Great read!!!

—Sanna, Goodreads Reviewer

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