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Christmas Crosscheck


Bryan’s relationship with Georgiana was unconventional from the start, but they made it work. They were inseparable from Day One, despite all the reasons that should have kept them apart. After only dating for a short nine months, Bryan’s knows he wants to spend the rest of his life with Georgiana, and he’s ready to propose in a big way—on Christmas Eve, in front of both their families.

As confident as Georgiana is in their relationship, she’s incredibly nervous to meet Bryan’s parents. She’s hosting Christmas Eve dinner for both of their families and placing a huge amount of pressure on herself to make sure it’s the perfect holiday for everyone. Georgiana worries that she won’t be able to bridge the gap between her loud, raucous family and Bryan’s sophisticated, well-educated parents.

Both their plans go awry as their families struggle to find common ground. Georgiana is sure the day will end in disaster while Bryan waits patiently for the right moment to get down on one knee. Every obstacle they encounter feels like a crosscheck to the heart. Will Bryan get to pop the question, or will disaster strike and tear them apart?

(Previously released in the Hockey Holidays anthology, published October 30, 2018.)

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