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Chasing Down the Dream
A Best Friend's Sibling Romance

From USA Today best-selling author Jaymee Jacobs comes a best friend’s sibling romance packed with heat, heart, and happily ever after. 

When Kasey Ruggieri returns to her hometown after her fashion design business implodes, she barely recognizes the handsome guy with a smokin’ body who comes to fix the HVAC as her brother's best friend. The skinny teenager she once knew is gone, and when Asher strips off his shirt to work in the boiling heat, Kasey can't take her eyes off his glistening, muscular chest. Now she needs more than air conditioning to cool her desires. 

Asher Wallace has had a crush on Kasey ever since he realized girls don’t have cooties. She’s beautiful, talented, and fun. But as his best friend’s older sister, she’s completely out of his league. Once Kasey left Oak Bend to pursue a fashion career in New York City, Asher shelved his boyhood crush and moved on from his college hockey days and into the family's heating and cooling business. 

When Kasey and Asher finally connect, there’s enough heat to melt a Michigan winter. But when Kasey stumbles onto a new, profitable fashion venture, will she leave Asher behind for the bright lights of the big city once more? Or can Asher prove to Kasey that love and success can be found close to home?

Chasing Down the Dream is part of the Blue Collar Romance series, a multi-author series of standalone novels. Welcome to Oak Bend, where blue-collar hotties work hard and love even harder, especially when it comes to landing their happily ever after.

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eBook Available Exclusively in Kindle Unlimited

eBook: Amazon

Paperback coming soon!

What Readers Have Said:

Chasing Down the Dream is the first book in the Blue Collar Romance series and it did not disappoint!

--Tina, Goodreads Reviewer

Chasing Down the Dream was a wonderful start to the Blue Collar Romance Series and I absolutely adored Kasey & Asher. Now that I have read the first book, I am even more excited for what lies ahead with the next books in the series.

--Jessi, Amazon Reviewer

This book gives you all the feels. I definitely recommend this book.

--Valerie, Goodreads Reviewer

They really are the sweetest couple, the relationship progresses quickly but it is well written and didn't feel rushed. The story felt real and authentic and I could feel the connection between the characters. This is a quick read but the storyline is well paced and the plot developed nicely, if you're look for a quick read that is small town, sweet and just a little spice this one is for you.

--Aimee, Amazon Reviewer

This is another wonderful read from Jaymee Jacobs. It's an easy read with a little bit of hockey, a little bit of self doubt, a lot of love, and a whole lot of dreaming.

--Jackie, Goodreads Reviewer

I LOVE the unknown!! I haven’t really read a book like this we’re I wasn’t sure where this story was going at all. I had theories and ideas but I was so very wrong and I loved that!! It meant that this book wasn’t what everyone else was writing!! Great start to this new series!!

--Amy M., Amy Loves Reading Blog

Don't let the innocuous title fool you, this book was deeper than I thought. The characters dived into subjects that hit home (chasing dreams, gender norms inside a heteronormative family, insecurity etc.).

--Andréa, Goodreads Reviewer

Chasing Down the Dream was an entertaining book and a very easygoing read.
The characters were well developed and interacted very well together, a great couple. This is a definite must read book for me, I enjoyed it very much!

--Julie, Goodreads Reviewer

This was my first book by the author so I didn’t know what to expect but from the start I was captivated. I loved how it featured a slightly older woman and a younger guy as it’s so often the other way around. Asher and Kasey had really great chemistry and I loved how he didn’t let her push him away. I loved this story.

--Sarah, Goodreads Reviewer

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