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Breakout Play


He’s mastered the breakout play on the ice. She’s still trying to break out of her shell. 

When Adam first lays eyes on Ally in the dark, country-themed bar, he immediately knows that he’s going to take that innocent-looking beauty home for the night. When she resists his charms and cheesy one-liners, he becomes even more determined to win her over. 

After all, Adam Harris didn’t make it onto the Dallas Comets’ roster without hearing the word “no.” No one believed he’d get drafted or play a game in the NHL, but he proved his critics all wrong. He knows that he’s got to capitalize on his scoring chances because they don’t come around very often. 

Allison Forrester isn’t as naïve as Adam thinks she is. She moved to Dallas looking for a new beginning, and she doesn’t want to mess up her hard work by having a one-night fling with some wannabe hotshot hockey player—no matter how attractive he may be. However, Adam has never accepted “no” as an answer, and he plans to keep asking Ally out until she finally says “yes.” 

If they can set aside their differences for a night, maybe they can both break out of their ruts—and realize they have more in common than they thought.

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What Readers Have Said:
I loved Ally from page 1. As an introvert myself, I could relate to Ally preferring her quiet, calm life and being wary of Adam's need to be the life of the party. As the story went on, I found myself falling for Adam's sweet and thoughtful side. Trust is never easy, especially given the circumstances in Ally's life, so I love reading her journey of learning to trust and love the man who proved to be so much more than she thought he was.
—Chelsy, Goodreads reviewer

Breakout Play is a true to life romance about getting to know someone and taking chances.... Jaymee has does it again! Another fantastic happy for now romance that took a little time for the H/h to fall for each other. I loved the chemistry between Adam & Ally and how nervous he was around her – not always his smooth self. I was cheering for Ally from the start and understood her hesitations with Adam but I’m really happy how the scenario worked out. Jaymee does a great job of bring back the couples and characters from the previous novels to fill in bits and pieces of their ongoing love stories.
—Sweet & Spicy Reads Blog

I honestly believe Jaymee climbed into my head and lived there while she wrote this! The characters were so believable (even more so with Ally being a Pharmacy Tech <- LIKE ME!!) I loved reading this book, and the back and forth between Ally and Adam. I want to put him on order please! My one and only complaint is it ended WAY too soon. What happens next? Do they last? GAH!!! Hurry and write the next one Jaymee <3
—Heather, Kobo reviewer

Good stories and series.
—Tracy, Amazon reviewer

I absolutely loved this book! Jaymee Jacobs has done it again and written a great story with great characters!!! I can't wait for the next book in this series!!!
—Jill, Amazon reviewer

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