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A Valuable Trade


Bryan's life gets turned upside down when he gets traded to the Dallas Comets, and things get even messier when he meets Georgiana, the Director of Team Services. He's got a lot of work to do to prove his worth to his new team, but Georgiana's sure he'll prove to be a valuable trade.

(Previously released in the Seduced by the Game anthology, published April 4, 2014.)

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What Readers Have Said:

A Valuable Trade by Jaymee Jacobs is a sweet hockey romance with just a touch of heat. Bryan Comstock didn't see it coming. Traded to the Dallas Comets during the season having to uproot his entire life but his longtime girlfriend, Corinne, is anything but happy about this move. Georgiana Pierson's job is to make her team feel comfortable and when Bryan arrives she can't help but feel the need to "mother" him and show him just how much of an asset he will be to the Comets. 
     Choices, risks and changes are at the heat of this short novella. I do have to give a warning if cheating is a hard limit then it might be best to pass but I didn't feel attached to Corinne. I adored Georgiana's character so strong, independent and able to hang with her team. Bryan wants to feel apart of his new team and in striving so hard to a valuable member of the team you can feel his need to fit. I loved the chemistry of the leads and I just wish this story could have been longer and flush out the characters a bit more. Great start to a new series and I can't wait to read more. 4.5 Stars for A Valuable Trade by Jaymee Jacobs
—Sweet & Spicy Reads Blog

Very sweet and romantic short story. Well done
—Jennifer, Goodreads reviewer

Hot! Absolutely, love this story. Very well written.
—The Pleasures Chest Blog

Jaymee Jacobs in A Valuable Trade gives the readers an insight into what it truly is like to be a NHL player, and the sacrifices that the players make that the fans don’t always see.
—Reading Shy with Aly Blog

I loved the female lead in Jaymee Jacobs’ novella, who is very self-assured and has created a career in a man’s world while still remaining feminine.
—Cocktails and Books Blog

fun, flirty story
—Janett, Goodreads reviewer

I LOVED Bryan and Georgiana's story! A fun southern girl meets a guy from up North... Georgiana is such a vibrant person. I loved her personality. Things get hot and heavy fast for these two quick. They may not realize it but, they are perfect for each other!
—Spare Time Book Blog

cute and steamy little novella
—Dirty Girl Romance Book Blog

I really loved George and her fire. The characters are strong and the story is full of emotion My heart went out for Bryan and feeling unwanted from the trade off and indecision of his girlfriend. If you’re looking for a fast moving romance this is for you.
—Cathy, Goodreads reviewer

A nice romance with a strong female lead. This made me want to go line dancing.
—Wicked Reads Blog

I love a story where a girl who is "one of the guys" finds love. This is no exception, this was my first Jaymee Jacobs read and I look forward to reading more about the Dallas Comet.
—Mommy Ives, Amazon reviewer

This is an enjoyable short sexy story that gives another glimpse into the business of the sport as well as its impact upon various members. Great chemistry and a great start, hopefully there will be more to come.
—Elf2060, Amazon reviewer

Bryan finds himself traded, feeling dejected and lonely. Georgiana works for his new team and, because of her "maternal instincts", looks to help make his move easier. Well, the feelings are a bit more than maternal!! I enjoyed both characters and the interactions with all the other teammates too. [4 stars]
—Cat’s Reviews​ Blog

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