Love  is the onlygoal  worth scoring.

Jaymee Jacobs

Jaymee's Media Kit


Jaymee Jacobs is the author of several contemporary fiction novels and the popular Dallas Comets hockey romance series. She is also a devoted cat-mom to two spoiled felines. Jay writes from her home in southwestern Pennsylvania when she isn't cheering on her favorite hockey team, the Penguins, or playing fantasy hockey.

Jaymee Jacobs is a part-time writer with a full-time obsession with hockey and cats. As a lover of stories, she graduated with a degree in English literature with a focus on psychology and gender studies. Her works in the genres of contemporary fiction and romance showcase various dynamics of love and human resiliency.

The popular Dallas Comets series follows a fictional hockey team and its players through hardships and triumphs, both on and off the ice. Writing about hockey allows Jaymee to vent her fanaticism in a safe, constructive manner.

She writes from her home under the watchful eyes of her feline accomplices.


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